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If you are looking for Creating your own Brand in Cosmetic Business, You are at a right place, we help young Enterpreneurs to set up this business by getting manufatured their products at very reasonable prices.
We also help in making Labels, selecting packages for your products


Having your own brand. Not be given time limitations on purchasing the next order. Able to keep stock of the products in hand. We support all the procedure process such as, manufacture, complete product detail or even package design.

Additional Information

Safety: We guarantee that it is safe for use by the great majority of consumers; that it will be stable on the shelf of a retail outlet and will be preserved properly to insure against bacterial contamination and degradation for a set period of time.
Production: When you are ready to bring your new product to market, the production facility you chose must be flexible enough to handle the job and subsequent increased production. Our stock or custom formulations allow you to focus on the simple task of selling your products, without the hassle of actually making them.
Quality Assurance: The quality MUST be assured. All our ingredients are QA/QC checked to insure purity and potency prior to manufacturing and all formulas are tested for proof of potency and stability and freedom from microbiological contamination after manufacturing.
Labelling & Rights: Your labels must be in compliance with current and ongoing regulations in advance, you have the final responsibility for meeting all federal, state and local requirements on your labels. We can offer a short run digital printing of labels on both clear and white stock for those interested in short run label production. Contact us for details because we do offer Graphics Design work should you need help creating your labels, logos or product marketing materials.
We have both products from Pueraria Mirifica for women and Butea Superba for men. Our Pueraria Mirifica and Butea Superba are of premium grade so that you can rely on the effectiveness and safety of our finished products which is the best quality for both your body care and spa treatment.
Our products range and be divided into four series:

  1. Biofanasy Breast Series – for natural breast beautification.
  2. Biofantasy Men Series – for natural male active care.
  3. Biofantasy Vagina Care – for vagina tightening
  4. Biofantasy Body Series – for slimming and anti-cellulite.

Biofantasy Breast Cream

The silky soft cream is most suitable for breast massage. It’s time you said good bye to the small size and fulfill a charming breast

Biofantasy Breast Mask

With the concentrated mask, it will shape up your breast and also help tone the breast skin to be silky soft with even skin color.

Biofantasy Breast Serum

With deep penetrating liposome and the intense ingredients, the breast will be firmed up within a short time. You can feel the difference within 2 weeks.

For the men, we used the herb called Butea Superba, this herb is used to make all of our men’s products, . We ensure the efficiency of our products which are made by the highest quality Butea Superba found in the world.
Biofantasy men series is produced from premium Butea Superba. They contained high flavonoids and flavonoids glycosides that help antioxidant, support male hormone balancing and revive the male confidence. This herb can help regulate blood flow for the body and the genitals area, which can help be used for impotence treatment.

Biofantasy Penis Serum

High potential in supporting vasodilatation around the genital area, help blood circulation, easier erection while also having the property of lubricating serum.

Biofantasy Vagina Serum

Discover the magic of youth again , our vagina tightening gel helps in tightening of vagina with cleansing of vagina

Biofantasy Loss fat Cream

Biofantasy Loss Fat Cream improves appearance of your body by removing excessive body fat from your body, its natural formula works quickly to dissolve your fats and thus giving smooth skin

For Business Enquiries you can contact at or Call Mr Dharinder at +91 9815107495

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