Drop Shipping Business

What is  dropshipping?

Drop Shipping Business is a program in which you Take the order of a product through your website and pass that order to us. You get a fixed commission on the sale of products. It greatly reduces your risk in many parts of business. You don’t need to stock goods. You don’t have to maintain goods damage problem. Moreover, you don’t even need to worry how to send goods to your customer. You just need to concentrate in how to sell. Drop shipping business is like opening your own shop inside the internet and has us to send all your product delivery to your costumers.
Every business will require strong marketing plan with a strong marketing team. This is a reason we construct this drop shipping program for you to join. Our Drop Shipping program is free to join. You do not have to start with any minimum quantity.

You can start your own business online and become your own Boss.

After you become our dropshipper, you will get free and various marketing tools such as our Product Pictures and their Banners. It certainly help you to increase sales of product easily. We will also give you support in Sales by giving you tips how to get traffic on your website.

With this new system, you can focus in only selling products. No worry for product packaging, no headache in how to send goods to customer, no struggle in adjusting spaces to stock goods. Leave all of them to us. Register with us quickly to get faster success.


  • No limitation of time on purchasing the next order.
  • You will be  getting assistance or guidance on sale of products
  • Fast profits within few sales.
  • No need to worry about shipment or import taxes.
  • Not need to worry about your country\’s FDA regulations.
  • No need to keep any stocks in hand.

So you’ll just sit at home and click into your computer and check your orders and promote the products and let us handle the rest.

You get 25% Margin on all Products . To apply for the program, please email at exports@biofantasy.com.

Please let us know your website url or ebay account. It is mandatory that you should be having a good amount of visitors otherwise your application will be declined. 


A little more expensive than the ‘Wholesale Price‘.


The retail price in your website must be higher or equal to our online retail price.

Dharinder Vashishta.
Biofantasy Pharmaceuticl LLP

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